Heather Kaster
March 5, 2012

LMT, CMTB, Prenatal Certified
Massage Therapist

Heather Kaster

Heather has a compassionate and friendly enthusiasm toward helping others. The field of Massage Therapy encourages Heather in her pursuit of her own self-growth and life path.

Heather is a graduate of Lakeside School of Massage Therapy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The 750-hour certificate program promotes knowledge of how the body works, what impairs its performance and which treatment plans and strategies can be used to shift the body back into balance. She is certified by the National Certification of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork board (NCTMB), licensed in the state of Wisconsin, and professionally insured by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). Heather is also Prenatal Massage certified through Integrative Touch.

Heather finds joy while she improves and creates a noticeable difference in her client’s body physically, as well as their quality of life. She aims to develop meaningful therapist-client relationships so that, together, they can focus on improving the well-being of the client.

Becoming certified and practicing Prenatal Massage Therapy has brought Heather unexpected joy and pride in the work she does. The advanced knowledge has given her the wonderful opportunity to safely help encourage overall relaxation, healthier diaphragmatic breathing, and a stronger bond between mother-to-be and baby. Heather is dedicated to continuing her education throughout her life, to better herself as a therapist, and deepen her soul during this lifetime.

Q&A with Heather Kaster

Q. How long have you been a massage therapist?
A. Since October 2006.

Q. What areas do you specialize in?
A. Swedish to increase circulation throughout the body, relaxation while being effectively therapeutic, deep tissue, and sports massage to open up acute or chronically tight muscles. I am also certified in Prenatal Massage.

Q. What brought you to your current style of practice?
A. I am extremely interested in the mind-body emotional-physical connections. In my opinion, our bodies reflect not only our common postures but also how we react to life events big and small. I want to help people change for the better and how I massage is a reflection of that.

Q. What can a new patient expect?
A. I enjoy being purposeful during every massage with my movements and depth of pressure. I feel what sensations the muscles or limbs respond to and change my massage accordingly. I am a person who likes to puzzle solve and notice things that might not jump out as a direct factor in how someone feels. I look at the whole client then concentrate on their needs. Clients should expect to feel comfortable, respected, and have their needs addressed. I am quiet during the session if you are but I will talk the whole time if you want, too!

Q. What recent industry trends have you found most noteworthy?
A. The balance between wanting to give great discounts to make massage more accessible and not giving too much of yourself away as a healer. It has always been a personal issue to recognize for myself but it’s all over now which is interesting to see what others say about their experiences.

Q. What are your current personal wellness goals and how are you addressing them?
A. I have never been very active or driven so I need to work towards being more. I know if I don’t move it I’ll lose it and I am way too young for that! I want to bike to Invivo and back more often starting in spring. My dog loves to run on trails so I want to make that a more regular event too!

Q. What is your favorite beautiful spot in Milwaukee?
A. Blu at the 23rd floor of the Pfister at night when it’s snowing… And, actually, the westward view from Invivo is pretty amazing on many days – and especially when the sun is setting.

Q. What is your favorite place to eat in Milwaukee?
A. Too many to choose from!!! I really miss Nanakusa for sushi but I’ll say that Cafe Corazón has an amazing vegetarian ensalada that I always top with extra avocado.

Q. What are your top three favorite things to do/hobbies?
A. I could walk for hours (in the summertime). I’m starting to get more and more into cooking. I should really get back to painting now that I have more space to spread out…

Q. What do you do to de-stress?
A. I eat! Hahaha, but also I try really hard to recognize the little things in the moments of each day- like my pets doing something silly, or the sunshine on my cheeks. I breathe into that and exhale the stress I was holding on to…. Mmmm… Let go…