Private Sessions


Focus on You

Our Private Sessions Program is ideal for those individuals looking to develop healthy, safe, and consistent wellness habits.  Private sessions are a great way to safely learn how to practice yoga or pilates. 

  • Learn the basics
  • Advance or up-level your practice
  • Develop a consistent home practice
  • Work with your hectic schedule
  • For those with chronic pain or an injury, learn personalized modifications
  • Learn with your group of family or friends
  • Bring health and wellness to your employees or co-workers 

We will provide a personalized private session experience.

Experience the difference at INVIVO Wellness.

  • Highly skilled and certified Instructors
  • 60- minute sessions
  • Program tailored to your unique needs and abilities

Private Sessions are meant for individuals who are generally healthy and not healing from a recent injury or illness.

If you are dealing with a recent injury or illness, please visit our Physical Therapy or Yoga Therapy pages for more details.


    Experience a Transformative Fitness and Wellness Journey

    INVIVO Wellness’s instructors are some of the best in Milwaukee. We are ready to develop accessible and creative programs to keep you motivated and keep you healthy.

    Private Sessions are offered 1:1 (one on one) with your instructor or can be incorporated into private partner and small group sessions.

    Private Sessions are tailored to meet your individual needs by working with a certified and skilled instructor to create a personalized practice. Each session is created specifically for your needs in order to bring your mind and body into perfect balance.

    Your sessions will provide you with the knowledge, skill-building movements, and accountability you need. As you get stronger, your Private Session Program will grow and change with you.

    Schedule a Consultation Appointment

    Getting started with Private Sessions takes courage.
    The courage to ask for help, the courage to try something new,  and the courage to put in the work.

    We start with a conversation and
    then connect you to an Instructor.


    NOTE: When starting Personal Sessions, a credit card or debit card is required to reserve sessions. You should receive a confirmation email or text message after successfully booking an appointment.

    Please mention any discounts, packages or gift cards before your appointment/session begins.
    Please be aware of our Clinic Policies.


    Call us at 414-265-5606


    Are Private Sessions is right for you?

    We are here to help you and give you guidance.

    If regular private sessions are NOT providing you with enough help or you have an injury, consider meeting  with an INVIVO Physical Therapist to determine if Physical Therapy is the right course of treatment for your situation.

    Don’t let life’s nagging little pains or injury keep you from living life to its fullest. Maximize your movement. Return to moving well.

    Book a CONSULTATION appointment – FREE 20-minute conversation.

    INVIVO Private Sessions Services and Pricing

    Our goal is to reconnect you with yourself and optimize your wellness and well-being… resolve, resilience, and results.

    Request a Complimentary Consultation.
    We will contact you to learn more about your goals, needs, and training options. You will be matched with one of our certified Instructors.

    Fill out Paperwork.
    Before your Sessions, your Instructor will send you some forms about your health and exercise experience. Having a preexisting condition or injury is not a problem. We often work with clients who have medical conditions, past injuries, and joint or back pain. Your Instructor may need more insight from your doctor(s) to ensure your fitness program is safe and effective. During your assessment, you’ll review the answers you provided on the forms, so fill out the forms and get them back to the trainer. All information provided is kept confidential. 

    Schedule your sessions.
    We will work with you to schedule Private Sessions to meet your goals and needs. Our Instructors will ensure you have a great experience.

    Practice makes progress.
    Your exercise program will include movement and education. During private sessions, your Instructor will teach you exercises and watch how you move. They’re looking for skill, proper form, and good posture.
     Your Instructor will ask for your feedback to ensure the exercise or movement is effective for you. Be sure to ask questions too! 

    If you have questions regarding our Private Session Program, please contact

    We require 24 hours’ notice for all cancellations.
    This allows us time to rebook the appointment time. Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged $35. Failure to show up for your appointment will result in a 100% charge of the scheduled appointment fee or use of a package visit. 

    Read about our Early cancellation, Late cancellation and No Show policies and associated fees. Read our Clinic Policies.

    We do not accept insurance for Personal Training services. If you have questions about payment options, please call our Front Desk.

    INVIVO Gift Cards are available for you to provide wellness care a friend or loved one.

    Individual Private Session Pricing

    60-minute Sessions
    Individual – 1 Person
    Non-Member Member
    (10% Discount)
    Single Session $75 $67.50
    5-Session Package $360 (72.00 each) $324 (64.80 each)
    10-Session Package $675 (67.50 each) $607.50 (60.75 each)


    60-minute Sessions
    Semi-Private – 2 People
    Non-Member Member
    (10% Discount)
    Single Session $90 (45 each person) $81 (40.50 each person)
    5-Session Package $427.60 
    (213.75 per person / 42.75 each)
    (192.37 per person / 38.47 each)
    10-Session Package $810
    (405 per person / 40.50 each)
    (364.50 per person / 36.45 each)

    We follow all current CDC guidelines.
    For your health and the safety of our staff, we have implemented these guidelines. VIEW ALL HEALTH POLICIES.

    • Practice Physical Distancing.
    • Maintain good hand hygiene.
    • Provide Vaccination status a the Front Desk upon check-in.
    • Contactless payment is preferred. Have a credit card on file.
    • Masks are OPTIONAL in all common areas. Masks are available for purchase at the Front Desk.
    • STUDIO and GYM/FITNESS CENTER masking guidelines have changed. Masks are OPTIONAL during workouts, classes, and personal training.
    • During all appointments, clients may request that practitioners be masked.
    • Arrive dressed for your appointment in comfortable clothes.
    • Locker rooms OPEN! Shower and sauna open. Towels are available upon request.

    Why hire an INVIVO Wellness Instructor?

      Staying healthy takes effort and skill-building practice. Whether you are new to exercise or just need fresh ideas, our instructors are some of the best in Milwaukee and are ready to develop realistic and creative programs to keep you motivated and get results.

      INVIVO offers individualized Private Session Programs to help you:

      Gain Clarity. 
      From assessments and discussing your goals, our Instructors can create a unique program and guide you to accomplish your goals. Your Private Program will grow and change with you.

      Learn new skills. 
      Discover different techniques and modalities to keep you challenged and seeing results. Movement is medicine for the body and mind.

      Be Consistent and Accountable. 
      Avoid excuses and maintain your commitment to improving your health through exercise. With regular sessions, you will feel more comfortable and confident in your daily life.

      Age Gracefully and Avoid Injury. 
      As you age, it’s not as easy to perform some activities. Our trainers can help you adjust or adapt your program, which will allow you to maintain functionality and strength.


          At INVIVO Wellness, our Instructors are highly skilled and certified professionals. They are dedicated to creating a unique functional fitness experience for every single client.

          Paula Biasi Trusky, PTA, CYT, CPT

          Paula Biasi Trusky, PTA, CYT, CPT

          Physical Therapy Assistant

          Practitioner since 2006. Tier 2.

          I combine my extensive background in movement and my knowledge of anatomy with an interest in injury prevention and rehabilitation. My treatments emphasize manual therapy, teaching self-care techniques, efficient mechanics, and functional movement patterns.

          Paula holds a BA in Dance and Holistic Health, an MFA in Dance and an associate degree in Physical Therapy Assistant.

          She is also a certified teacher of Pilates, Yoga and Natural Movement.

          Cynthia Akey

          Cynthia Akey

          Personal Trainer, 200-RYT, Wellness Coach

          Practitioner since 2005. Tier 2.

          A new student to her yoga and fitness classes can expect alignment-based, accessible movements that balance effort and ease. She encourages conversation and individual discovery to personal the practice.

          A new personal training client can expect motivational coaching techniques along with a functional approach to movement. I will create a program that will grow with you as you get stronger. We will focus on fun, healthy movement patterns and effective exercises.

          She holds a bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis is Graphic Design. She received her 200-hour Yoga Certification in 2005 and an ACE Personal Training Certification in 2012. She is certified in Chair Yoga, Core Functional Fitness, TRX, NETA Wellness Coach, and CPR/AED. She is also a member of Yoga Alliance.

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