INVIVO Wellness offers a variety of yoga, fitness and other wellness workshops and events that are open to the Milwaukee community. 

To register for any of the following events, please call 414-265-5606, sign-up at INVIVO’s front desk or online. Pre-registration is strongly recommended.


Frequently Asked Questions
How do I register for a class?

We are excited to welcome you to INVIVO Wellness. Here are some tips to make your visit as easy as possible.
1. Create a MindBody account with us. This will help you register for classes with ease.
Note: you will be asked to sign a waiver in order to participate in classes.
2. With your own MindBody account, you are able to enter your payment information and select an individual class or class packages.
3. Register for classes. Use the MindBody app or register on our website.
4. When attending a class, you will be checked in by your instructor.

If you have any questions or issues, contact us at OR call us at 414-265-5606.


What should I wear or bring?

Please bring your own mat, water bottle sweat towel, an open mind and a friend.

Dress in loose comfortable clothing. 
The standards include shirts, shorts, sweatpants, and athletic shoes. Street shoes are not permitted in the STUDIO or Fitness Center.

Bare feet are allowed only in the STUDIO and locker room. The use of shower sandals in the sauna and locker room is recommended.


Self-Locking Lockers

No need to bring a lock, our lockers are self locking. 

Press C, then any 4 digit code, then press the key symbol. Remember your locker number. To unlock, follow the same code procedure.

Lockers are provided on a “per use” basis and must be emptied after each visit. Any items remaining in the lockers at closing will be moved to the Lost and Found to be claimed.

During the winter season, bulkier coats should be stored on the coat racks and boot trays provided.


Classes vs. Memberships

INVIVO offers single visit (drop-in) price options, class packages and Memberships.

Mats & Props

Yoga Classes:
INVIVO supplies mats, bolsters, blanket and straps. You are always welcome to bring your own items.

Fitness Classes:
INVIVO supplies mats and equipment for each participant. Some equipment may be shared.

Each person is responsible to clean and return equipment to its proper storage location.

Cell Phone Usage

Please silence your phone when you arrive.

Please use lobby areas to make and receive cell phone calls. Cell phone use is prohibited in the locker rooms.

Photography and videography are strictly prohibited in INVIVO unless the Wellness Director has granted authorization.

Directions / Parking

We are located at 2060 N. Humboldt Ave., Ste 300, Milwaukee, WI 53212 just north of downtown Milwaukee, WI.

Our facility is situated on the east side of the Humboldt Blvd. bridge. Exit mid-bridge spur to find free street or garage parking under the building.

From the West: Take Commerce St. straight to Riverboat Rd. which runs under the Humboldt Blvd. bridge.

INVIVO is the entire 3rd floor of the building. Please take the elevator or the stairs. Note: elevator access is only during working hours.